2020 Demo Reel.  This video has unreleased content and is set to private, please contact Zoe to view her most recent reel.


Animation from The Enchanted Forest, a short film created for the “New Yorker Film Festival.” Responsible for animation of the foxes in various shots and taking animation from rough to clean-up. This is one scene that animated that I liked in particular. Animated with Toon Boom Harmony.

You can watch the film here!


Character Animation Demo Reel

Professional 2D Animation Reel. This video is set to private, please contact Zoe if you would like to view the reel.


My Senior Film, Autumn Leaves. This was an intense learning experience. Director, animator, designer and editor for this short film while a student at California College of the Arts.
Traditional hand-drawn animation colored in Photoshop.