Zoe is a character animator and production artist based in Burbank, California.  She appreciates art that has meaningful content and impacts the viewer with a sense of humor and pure entertainment.

In 2014, Zoe graduated with high distinction from California College of the Arts earring her BFA in Animation and a secondary concentration in Metal Arts. Working in Metal calls for working in different conceptual space, and has provided a wide variety of ways to solve creative problems.

She is currently working at Proof Inc. as a postviz animator on the upcoming feature film Aquaman (2018).   Earlier this year she was a 2D animator on the short film The Enchanted Forest which was created for the “New Yorker Film Festival.” Previously, she worked CounterPunch Studios and Creative Capers Entertainment. At CounterPunch Studios, Zoe worked as a facial animator on AAA games, titles include Injustice 2 and The Evil Within 2.  During her time at Creative Capers Entertainment, she was both a character animator and production artist on a variety of projects.  Select project include: Color Our World, an interactive attraction in Walt Disney World, Emoji Blitz an app for Walt Disney Interactive, and educational shorts for ABC Mouse.

Zoe enjoys learning new skills such as juggling and magic tricks, researching anomalies, and hiking to places where the LA skyline can’t be found.

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